Building a Positive Personality

He would apprentice to fly one day acquire to aboriginal apprentice to angle and airing and run…..Friederich Nietzsche

Accept Responsibility

Responsibilities approach to the being who can acquire them.. Elbert Hubbard

When humans acquire added albatross they are in fact giving themselves a promotion. Responsible behavior is to acquire accountability. That represents maturity. Acceptance of albatross is a absorption of our attitude and the ambiance we accomplish in.

People who don’t acquire albatross about-face the accusation to their parents, agents and genes, God, fate, luck or the stars. Albatross involves anxious action.

Show Consideration

Show consideration, address and politeness. Thoughtfulness shows a caring attitude.

Think Win-Win

When we serve our customers, our families, our administration and employees, we automatically win.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Person who says what anytime he brand usually ends up audition what he doesn’t like. Be tactful. Tact consists of allotment one’s words anxiously and alive how far to go. It aswell agency alive what to say and what to leave un-said. Words reflect attitude. Words can aching animosity and abort relationships. Acquire what you say rather than say what you choose. Excessive talking does not beggarly communication. Allocution less; say more.

A fool speaks after thinking; a astute man thinks afore speaking.

Don’t criticize and complain

When I allocution of criticism, I accredit to abrogating criticism. If a being is criticized, he becomes defensive. A analyzer is generally like a back-seat disciplinarian who drives the disciplinarian mad.

Smile and Be Kind

Cheerfulness flows from goodness. A smile can be affected or genuine. The key is to acquire a 18-carat one. It improves face value. A smile is catching and is an bargain way to advance looks. A animated face is consistently welcome.

Put Absolute Estimation on Others People’s Behavior

In the absence of acceptable facts, humans aimlessly put a abrogating estimation on others’ accomplishments or inactions. Some humans ache from “Paranoia”: they anticipate the apple is out to get them. That is not true. By starting with absolute assumptions, we acquire a bigger adventitious of architecture a adorable personality resulting, in acceptable relationships.

Be a Acceptable Listener

Listening shows caring. If you appearance a caring attitude appear addition person, that being feels important. If he feels important, what happens? He is added motivated and added acceptant to your ideas.

An accessible ear is the alone believable assurance of an accessible heart…..David Augsburger

In adjustment to be a acceptable listener:

* Encourage the apostle to talk.

* Ask questions. It shows interest.

* Don’t interrupt.

* Don’t change the topic.

* Appearance compassionate and respect.

* Pay attention, concentrate.

* Avoid distractions.

* Appearance affinity

* Be advanced

* Apply on the bulletin and not on the delivery.

* Recognize the nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions, eye contact, etc.

* Accept to animosity and not just words.

Be Enthusiastic

Nothing abundant is anytime accomplished after enthusiasm…….Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enthusiasm and success go duke in hand. Activity inspires confidence, accession morale, builds adherence and is priceless. Activity is contagious.

Give Honest and Aboveboard Appreciation

Sincere acknowledgment is one of the greatest adeptness one can accord to addition person. It makes a being feel important. The admiration to feel important is one of the greatest cravings in a lot of animal beings. It can be a abundant motivator.

When You Accomplish a Mistake, Acquire it And Move On

Some humans reside and apprentice while others reside and never learn. Mistakes are to be abstruse from. The greatest aberration a being can accomplish is to echo it. Don’t accredit accusation and accomplish excuses. Don’t abide on it. If you apprehend your mistake, it is a acceptable abstraction to acquire albatross for it and apologize. Don’t avert it. Why? Acceptance disarms the added person.

Discuss But Don’t Argue

An altercation is one affair you will never win. If you win, you lose; if you lose; you lose. If you win an altercation but lose a acceptable job, customer, acquaintance or marriage, what affectionate of achievement is it? Pretty empty. Arguments aftereffect from aggrandized ego.

Arguing is like angry a accident battle. Even if one wins, the bulk may be added than the achievement is worth. Altercation is annihilation added than a action of egos and after-effects in a babble contest. A bigger fool than the one who knows it all is the one who argues with him!!

Don’t gossip

Remember, humans who account with you will aswell account about you in your absence. Chattering and lying are carefully related. A account listens in alacrity and repeats at leisure. A account never minds his own business because he has neither a apperception nor a business. A account is added anxious about what he overhears than what he hear.

“Small humans allocution about added people, characterless humans allocution about things, abundant humans allocution about ideas.”

Gossip can advance to aspersion and aspersion of character. Humans who accept to account are as accusable as those who do the gossiping.

A account usually gets bent in his own aperture trap. Account has no account for justice. It break hearts, it charcoal lives, it is cunning and malicious. It victimizes the helpless. Account is harder to clue down because it has no face or name. It tarnishes reputations, topples governments, bones marriages, ruin careers, makes the innocent cry, causes heartaches and hawkeye nights. Refrain from indulging in gossip.

Turn Your Promises into Commitments

A affiance is a account of intent. A charge is a affiance that is traveling to be kept no bulk what. Annihilation abiding has anytime been created after commitment. Charge leads to constant relationships through blubbery and thin. It shows in a person’s personality and relationships.

Be Grateful But Do Not Expect Gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling. It improves our personality and builds character. Gratitude develops out of humility. It is a activity of acknowledgment appear others. It is conveyed through our attitude appear others and reflects in our behavior. It teaches us the art of cooperation and understanding. Gratitude acquire to be sincere. A simple acknowledge you can be gracious. A accommodating attitude changes our angle in life.

Gratitude care to be a way of life, something that we cannot accord abundant of. It can beggarly a smile, or a acknowledge you, or a action of appreciation.

Avoid Bearing Grudges

When a being refuses to forgive, he is locking doors that some day he adeptness charge to open. If we authority grudges and anchorage resentments, who are we affliction the most? Ourselves.

Practice Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity

Honesty inspires openness, believability and frankness. It shows account for one’s cocky and others. Integrity is begin in a person’s character.

Practice Address on a Daily Basis

Courtesy is annihilation added than application for others. It opens doors that would not contrarily open. A affable being who is not actual sharp, will go added in activity than a abrupt but aciculate person. It is the little things that accomplish a big difference. Baby courtesies will yield a being abundant added than cleverness. Address is an adjunct of abysmal moral behavior. It costs annihilation but pays well. Address can be a balmy smile or a thank-you. It is a baby investment but the payoffs are big.It enhances the added person’s self-worth.

Develop a Faculty of Humor

Have a faculty of amusement and you will acquire the adeptness to beam at yourself. A faculty of amusement makes a being agreeable and attractive.

To Acquire a Friend, Be a Friend

A capricious acquaintance is like a broker who lends you his awning if the sun is animated and takes it aback the minute it rains. Mutual assurance and aplomb are the foundation rock of all friendship.

Show Empathy

When you allotment sorrow, it divides; if you allotment happiness, it multiplies.

Practice Humility

Humility is the foundation of all virtues. It is a assurance of greatness. Abasement does not beggarly self-demeaning behavior that would bulk to analytical oneself. Aboveboard abasement attracts but apocryphal abasement detracts.

Many years ago, a addition came beyond some soldiers who were aggravating to move a abundant log after success. The anatomical was continuing by as the men struggled. The addition asked the anatomical why he wasn’t helping. The anatomical replied,” I am the corporal; I accord orders.” The addition dismounted, wen up the soldiers and helped them lift the log. With his help, the log got moved. The addition agilely army his horse and went to the anatomical and said,”The next time your men charge help, forward for the commander-in-chief,”After he left, the anatomical and his men begin out that the addition was George Washington.

The bulletin is clear. Success and abasement go duke in hand. Simplicity and abasement are two hallmarks of greatness.

Avoid Bearing Grudges

Don’t be a debris collector. If a being refuses to forgive, he is locking doors that some day he adeptness charge to open. If we authority grudges and anchorage resentments, who are we affliction the most? Ourselves.